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Postdoctoral Researcher

Simone Giombi

PhD Stony Brook University, YITP (2007)

Superstring Theory

Position:Postdoctoral Researcher

Research Interests

My research interests are in string theory and related topics, with a focus on the interplay between string theory and quantum field theory. Currently my work is centered on aspects of the AdS/CFT correspondence in various dimensions. For instance, I have recently investigated higher spin gauge theories in AdS4 and their 3d CFT duals. Another research direction that I am pursuing is the calculation of quantum corrections in the AdS5 x S5 superstring sigma model, and comparison to the strong coupling expansion of certain observables in the 4d N=4 SYM theory. I am also interested in the dynamics of certain non-local operators in gauge theories, such as Wilson loops, and their dual string theory description.

Positions Held

  • Nov. 2010-present, Postdoctoral Fellow, String Theory Group, Perimeter Institute
  • Sep. 2007-Oct. 2010, Postdoctoral Fellow, High Energy Theory Group, Harvard University
  • May 2004-Aug. 2007, Research Assistant, YITP, Stony Brook University

Recent Publications

  • S.Giombi, S. Minwalla, S. Prakash, S. Trivedi, S. Wadia and X.Yin, ``Chern-Simons Theory with Vector Fermion Matter'', arxiv: 1110.4386
  • S.Giombi and X.Yin, ``On Higher Spin Gauge Theory and the Critical O(N) Model'', arxiv: 1105.4011
  • S.Giombi, S.Prakash and X.Yin, ``A Note on CFT Correlators in Three Dimensions'', arxiv: 1104.4317
  • S.Giombi, R.Ricci, R.Roiban and A.A.Tseytlin, ``Quantum dispersion relations for excitations of long folded spinning superstring in AdS_5 x S^5'', JHEP 1101, 128 (2011), arxiv: 1011.2755
  • S.Giombi, R.Ricci, R.Roiban and A.A.Tseytlin, ``Two-loop AdS_5 x S^5 superstring: testing asymptotic Bethe ansatz and finite size corrections'', J.Phys.A 44, 045402 (2011), arxiv: 1010.4594
  • S.Giombi and X.Yin, ``Higher Spins in AdS and Twistorial Holography'', JHEP 1104, 086 (2011), arxiv: 1004.3736
  • S.Giombi, R.Ricci, R.Roiban, A.A.Tseytlin and C.Vergu, ``Generalized scaling function from light-cone gauge AdS_5 x S^5 superstring'', JHEP 1006, 060 (2010), arxiv: 1002.0018
  • S.Giombi and X.Yin, ``Higher Spin Gauge Theory and Holography: The Three-Point Functions'', JHEP 1009, 115 (2010), arxiv: 0912.3462
  • S.Giombi, R.Ricci, R.Roiban, A.A.Tseytlin and C.Vergu, ``Quantum AdS(5) x S5 superstring in the AdS light-cone gauge'', JHEP 1003, 003 (2010), arxiv: 0912.5105
  • S.Giombi and V.Pestun, ``The 1/2 BPS 't Hooft loops in N=4 SYM as instantons in 2d Yang-Mills'', arxiv: 0909.4272
  • S.Giombi and V.Pestun, ``Correlators of local operators and 1/8 BPS Wilson loops on S**2 from 2d YM and matrix models'', JHEP 1010, 033 (2010), arxiv: 0906.1572
  • S.Giombi, V.Pestun and R.Ricci, ``Notes on supersymmetric Wilson loops on a two-sphere'', JHEP 1007, 088 (2010), arxiv: 0905.0665
  • S.Giombi and X.Yin, ``ZZ boundary states and fragmented AdS(2) spaces'', JHEP {\bf 0907}, 002 (2009), arxiv: 0808.0923
  • D.Gaiotto, S.Giombi and X.Yin, ``Spin Chains in N=6 Superconformal Chern-Simons-Matter Theory'', JHEP 0904, 066 (2009), arxiv: 0806.4589
  • S.Giombi, A.Maloney and X.Yin, ``One-loop Partition Functions of 3D Gravity'', JHEP 0808, 007 (2008), arxiv: 0804.1773
  • N.Drukker, S.Giombi, R.Ricci and D.Trancanelli, ``Supersymmetric Wilson loops on S**3'', JHEP 0805, 017 (2008), arxiv: 0711.3226
  • N.Drukker, S.Giombi, R.Ricci and D.Trancanelli, ``Wilson loops: From four-dimensional SYM to two-dimensional YM'', Phys. Rev. D77, 047901 (2008), arxiv: 0707.2699
  • N.Drukker, S.Giombi, R.Ricci and D.Trancanelli, ``More supersymmetric Wilson loops'', Phys. Rev. D76, 107703 (2007), arxiv: 0704.2237
  • N.Drukker, S.Giombi, R.Ricci and D.Trancanelli, ``On the D3-brane description of some 1/4 BPS Wilson loops'', JHEP 0704, 008 (2007), arxiv: hep-th/0612168
  • S.Giombi, R.Ricci and D.Trancanelli, ``Operator product expansion of higher rank Wilson loops from D-branes and matrix models'', JHEP 0610, 045 (2006), arxiv: hep-th/0608077


  • ``Higher spin theories and holography", Neve-Shalom, Israel, May 2011, PhyMSI conference, Cargese, July 2011
  • ``Higher spins and vector models: the three-point functions", Simons Center, Stony Brook, March 2011
  • ``Precision tests of AdS/CFT integrability from strings in the AdS light-cone gauge", Princeton, February 2011 and McGill University, March 2011
  • ``Higher spins and holography", MIT, May 2010
  • ``Quantum AdS_5 \times S^5 superstring in the AdS light-cone gauge", Bologna, March 2010, at the conference ``Problemi Attuali di Fisica Teorica", Vietri sul Mare, March 2010 and at Brandeis, April 2010
  • ``Exact results in N=4 SYM from 2d Yang-Mills", Harvard, October 2009, and Caltech, November 2009
  • ``Supersymmetric Wilson loops from weak to strong coupling", Simons Workshop in Mathematics and Physics, Stony Brook, August 2009
  • ``Comments on supersymmetric Wilson loops on a two sphere", Brown, April 2009
  • ``Wilson loops: from pseudo-holomorphic surfaces to 2d Yang-Mills and Matrix Models", Imperial College, London, March 2009 and Bologna, April 2009
  • ``One-loop partition functions of 3D gravity", McGill University, April 2008, Harvard, April 2008 and U. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, December 2008
  • ``Spin Chains in N=6 Superconformal Chern-Simons-Matter Theory'', at the Workshop ``3D SCFTs and Their Gravity Duals", McGill University, September 2008
  • ``A new family of supersymmetric Wilson loops", Brown University, November 2007
  • PIRSA:11030098, Higher Spin Theories - Lecture 4, 2011-03-29, Higher Spin Theories
  • PIRSA:11030097, Higher Spin Theories - Lecture 3, 2011-03-28, Higher Spin Theories
  • PIRSA:11030094, Higher Spin Theories - Lecture 2, 2011-03-25, Higher Spin Theories
  • PIRSA:11030093, Higher Spin Theories - Lecture 1, 2011-03-24, Higher Spin Theories

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