Every once in a while I decide that I've produced something that others might find useful. When that happens I put it here. Right now this page contains various templates and classes for use with LaTeX.

Beamer Theme for Brown University

This is a theme for use with the Beamer class for LaTeX. All of the files are very thoroughly documented, so it is easy to understand how everything is done. You can download the package here.

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This shows the title page, with the Brown logo in the lower left corner.

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You can do quite a bit with the Beamer class, especially if you use pgf.

PDF Letters with Letterhead and Signatures

This .tex file allows you to write letters with a Brown Letterhead and a scanned version of your signature. Click on the thumbnail below to see an image of the letter. Download the package here

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LaTeX Template for Notes and Handouts

This is a fairly self-contained .tex file for making notes and handouts for classes and activities at Brown. It requires a few packages that easily installed on any modern TeX distro. Download the package here.

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