About Me

I'm a visiting scientist at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Waterloo, Ontario. I study String Theory, Cosmology, General Relativity, and Quantum Field Theory. I also teach in the Physics Department at the University of Waterloo. Starting in August 2009, I will be an Assistant Professor at Loyola University Chicago.

I grew up in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, graduating from Oak Ridge High School in 1991. I was an undergraduate at UNC-Chapel Hill where I studied Physics, Math, and Creative Writing. I did my Ph.D. at UT-Austin with Willy Fischler, finishing in 2002. After that I went on to post-doctoral positions at the Michigan Center for Theoretical Physics and Brown University. You can see a copy of my CV here.

Recent Updates

  • New Job! Headed to Loyola in the fall.
  • Updated the Riemannian Geometry notes.
  • Relocated to Perimeter!

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