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Mohammad H. Ansari




PhD Thesis



The Statistical Footprints of Quantum Gravity

© Mohammad H. Ansari 2008


Deprtment of Physics and Astronomy

University of Waterloo

Waterloo, Ontario







Mohammad H. Ansari in SPIRES  Citebase


[5] “Area, ladder symmetry, degeneracy, and fluctuations of a horizon”

M. Ansari,

[0711.1879 hep-th]

On: An additional quantum correction on the radiation of a quantum horizon through loop quantum gravity.

Acknowledgment: MA thanks to Jacob Bekenstein and Viatcheslav Mukhanov for extensive comments.

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[4] “Spectroscopy of a canonically quantized horizon.”

M. Ansari,

NPB 738:179-212, 2007, [hep-th/0607081]

On: Introducing ladder symmetry, Modification of the black hole radiation from the area fluctuations of hole horizon.

Acknowledgment: MA thanks to Jacob Bekenstein and Viatcheslav Mukhanov for extensive comments.

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1- Bombelli (web)



[3] “Generic degeneracy and entropy in loop quantum geometry.”

M. Ansari,

NPB 795, 635-644,2008  [gr-qc/0603121]

On: Reveals the generic degeneracy of area states in loop quantum gravity that verifies Bekenstein-Hawking Entropy.

Acknowledgment: MA thanks to Lee Smolin.

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2- “Phase-Space and Black Hole Entropy of Higher Genus Horizons in LQG” by Kloster, Brannlund, DeBenedictis,  Class. Quant Grav. 25 065008 (2008)

1- “Quantum Gravity Faces Reality”    by L. Smolin,   Physics Today 59 Nov 44 (2006)




[2] “A Statistical formalism of causal dynamical triangulations.”

M. Ansari, F. Markopoulou.

NPB 726: 494-509,2005 [hep-th/0505165]

On: A novel statistical mechanics for Causal Dynamical Triangulations and its RG transformation limits.

Acknowledgment: Authors thank to Lee Smolin, MA  thanks to Ali Tabei for discussions.

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2- “Emergence of Chiral Matter from Quantum Gravity” by L. Smolin

1- L. Bombelli (web)


[1] “Self organized criticality in loop quantum gravity.”

M. Ansari, L. Smolin,

Class. Quantum Grav. 25, 095016, 2008 - [hep-th/0412307]

On: Emergence of spacetime from Self-Organized Criticality on spin networks.

Acknowledgement: Authors thank to Maya Paczuski and Marco Baiesi for discussions.

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6- “SOC and Gravity” by R. Alamino (web)

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2- “Testing Quantum Gravity with GLAST” by  Jeff Scargle (Slides)

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