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Gelo Noel M. Tabia

Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics
31 Caroline Street North,
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada N2L 2Y5

Institute for Quantum Computing
200 University Avenue West, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada N2L 3G1


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Research Interests

Foundations of quantum mechanics, quantum information theory, optical implementations of quantum information processing, quantum cryptography


University of Waterloo - Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Major: Ph.D., Physics (Quantum Information), degree conferment: October 2013
Thesis: "Geometry of Quantum States from Symmetric Informationally Complete Probabilities"
Advisors: Chris Fuchs, Norbert Lütkenhaus

National University of Singapore - Singapore

Major: M.Sc., Physics (Research), October 2009
Thesis: "Security Analysis of a Basis-Independent Scheme for Quantum Cryptography"
Advisor: Berthold-Georg Englert

Major: B.Sc. (Honours), Physics, June 2006
Minor: Mathematics

Honors and Awards

Perimeter Institute PhD Award, 2010-2013
National University of Singapore Research Scholarship, 2006-2008
National University of Singapore Second Class Upper Honours in Physics, 2006
Singapore Scholarship (Ministry of Foreign Affairs), 2001-2006

Academic Experience

Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, Canada

Graduate Student Researcher - September 2009 to present

  • Research into various topics in quantum information and quantum foundations

National University of Singapore, Singapore

Teaching Assistant - August 2008 to June 2009

  • Prepared tutorial material and taught discussion classes for general education courses for non-physics majors: GEK1520 Understanding the Universe and GEK2505 Taming Chaos

Lab Demonstrator - August 2005 to April 2008

  • Managed experiments for physics lab for Engineering majors and Experimental Physics for Physics juniors
Professional Affiliations

Member, American Physical Society, 2009 to present
Associate Member, Institute of Physics UK, 2010 to present

Journal Publications

G. Tabia, D. M. Appleby, "Exploring the geometry of qutrit state space with SIC-POVMs," Physical Review A  88 (2013) 012131.

G. N. M. Tabia, "Experimental scheme for qubit and qutrit symmetric informationally complete positive operator-valued measurements using multiport devices", Physical Review A 86 (2012) 062107.

Z. E. D. Medendorp, F. A. Torres-Ruiz, L. K. Shalm, G. N. M. Tabia, C. A. Fuchs, A. M. Steinberg, "Experimental characterization of qutrits using SIC-POVMs", Physical Review A 83 (2011) 051801R.

G. Tabia, B.-G. Englert, "Efficient Quantum Key Distribution with Trines of Reference-Frame-Free Qubits," Physics Letters A 375 (2011) 817-822.

J. Suzuki, G. Tabia, B.-G. Englert, "Symmetric Construction of Reference-Frame-Free Qudits," Physical Review A 78 (2008) 052328.

G. Tabia, R. Parwani, "Universality in an Information-Theoretic Motivated Nonlinear Schrodinger Equation," IOP Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical 40 (2007) 5621-5635.

Conference Presentations

"A Multiport Scheme for Performing SIC-POVMs",
American Physical Society March Meeting 2013,  Baltimore Maryland, United States (18 March - 22 March 2013).

"Maximal Consistency and the Geometry of Quantum States",
Graduate Student Research Conference 2012,  University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada (25 April 2012).

"Quantum State Space as a Maximal Consistent Set",
American Physical Society March Meeting 2012,  Boston, Massachusetts, United States (27 February - 2 March 2012)

"Qutrits Under a Microscope",
American Physical Society March Meeting 2011,  Dallas, Texas, United States (21 - 25 March 2011).

"Representing Quantum States via Symmetric Informationally-complete Measurements", AQuA First Graduate Student Congress on Quantum Information and Computation, Centre for Quantum Technologies, National University of Singapore, Singapore (05 - 12 December 2010).

"Exploring Qutrits Through Symmetric Informationally Complete Measurements",
American Physical Society March Meeting 2010, Portland, Oregon, United States (15 - 19 March 2010).

Schools, Conferences, and Workshops Attended

The Quantum Landscape, Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada (27 - 31 May 2013).

Workshop on Quantum Foundations in the Light of Quantum Information III, Centre de Recherches Mathmatiques (CRM), Universit de Montral, Montreal, Quebec, Canada (6 - 9 December 2011).

11th Canadian Summer School on Quantum Information and "Practical linear optical schemes for implementing qutrit SIC-POVMs", 8th Canadian Student Conference in Quantum Information, Jouvence, Centre de Villegiature, Orford, Quebec, Canada (06 - 17 June 2011).

Quantum Physics in Higher Dimensional Hilbert Spaces, International Akademie Traunkirchen, Klosterplatz 2, 4801 Traunkirchen, Austria (27 July - 01 August 2010).

Mathematical Horizons for Quantum Physics, Institute for Mathematical Sciences, National University of Singapore, Singapore (28 July { 17 August 2008).

Fourth Asia-Pacific Workshop and Third Asia-Pacific Conference on Quantum Information Science, Institute of Advanced Study, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (30 July - 2 August 2007).

Talks and Seminars Given

"Quantum state space as a maximal consistent set", National Institute of Physics, University of the Philippines (17 July 2012).

"Maximal Consistent Sets and the Geometry of Physical State Space", Graduate Student Seminar, Institute of Mathematics, University of the Philippines (9 July 2012).

"Do quantum effects play a role in biology?", Physics 10 Undergraduate Seminar Series, Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Waterloo (5 June 2012).