Adventurer's Mutual Insurance Corporation


Picture this:

Your name is Lember, and you're an enterprising young monk. You depart with your companions: Grenn and Cahlan, two stalwart fighters; Caelynn, an inspiring bard; and Lowen, a skilled tracker and archer. Your destination is the sewers, and your goal is to collect some rats, save some poor lost townsfolk, and map the sewers.

What do Lember, Grenn, Cahlan, Caelynn, and Lowen have in common? They all fit the mould of your average daily adventurer, just like you. What these adventurers will unfortunately find out, however, is that even on a standard sewer romp, bad things can happen.

Now let's head back to Lember:

You're pretty tired of trudging through all of this muck, but at least you've been relatively safe so far. As you chart the tunnels, Grenn finds signs that giant rats do indeed occupy the sewers somewhere. As you continue to search, you see light in the distance. Could you finally have reached an exit to these sewers? Before you know it, a twang and a click sound out through the tunnel, and Grenn has a crossbow bolt piercing his chest. Aren't you glad you brought that bard?

We see that adventuring always entails risk. It's easy to shrug off that danger when you have a bard or cleric along, but does that always guarantee your safety?

One last time, we'll visit our good friend Lember:

You wonder about that smuggler's den you found beyond that crossbow trap. Would things have gone differently had the smugglers been present? You keep trudging on anyways, and after a few more branching tunnels, you finally hear the sound of skittering rats in the distance. Finally, you've found some action! You leap to the front of the party, sword in hand, and find yourself flanked by rats on all sides. You swiftly find yourself unconscious, as Cahlan drags you back and Lowen stops your bleeding. You'll find out from Grenn and Cahlan when you wake up that Lowen and Caelynn were swarmed by rats and didn't make it out of the sewers. Your stomach drops.

Now we've heard Lember's story, and yes, it's true. In fact, I'm Lember, and I experienced this myself. I'll tell you right now, I would never want to go through this again. But you know, I won't have to any longer. Here at Adventurer's Mutual Insurance Corporation, we believe the livelihood of adventurers has to come first and foremost, and we don't want to see what happened to Caelynn and Lowen repeated.

With a small premium and a small percentage payment on all monetary adventuring rewards, we will provide you the certainty that if you die and leave a body behind, you'll be resurrected. We here at AMIC give you the peace of mind you need to adventure without the fear of death knocking on your door.*

Don't believe me? Ask my co-founders, Grenn and Cahlan. Or even better, try out AMIC for yourself. If you die and can't be resurrected, we have a full money-back guarantee.

We'll be seeing you.

* AMIC and its associates cannot be held responsible for disintegration, encounters with lava pools, or any other deaths that do not leave an intact body behind. AMIC makes no guarantees on the safety and/or sanity of any souls forced back into their bodies due to resurrection.