Jia-Wei Mei

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Area of Research:

Research Interests

a) high Tc cuprate with an emphasis on the pseudogap metallic state;

b) topological properties in quantum paramagnetic spin systems;

c) new functiona / correlated materials;

(d) others ...

Recent Publications

  • J.W. Mei and X.G. Wen, Modular matrices from universal wave function overlaps in Gutzwiller-projected parton wave functions, Phys. Rev. B 91, 125123 (2015)
  • Z. X. Liu, J. W. Mei, P. Ye and X.G. Wen, U (1) × U (1) Symmetry Protected Topological Order in Gutzwiller Wave Funcions, Phys. Rev. B 90, 235146 (2014)
  • J.W. Mei and X.G. Wen, Fractionalized spin-wave continuum in spin liquid states on the kagome lattice, arXiv: 1507.03007
  • W. ZHeng, J.W. Mei and Y. Qi, Classification and Monte Carlo study of symmetric Z 2 spin liquids on the trianular lattice, arXiv: 1505.05351
  • Z. Liu, X.L. ZOu, J.W Mei and F. Liu, Selective doping Barlowite for quantum spin liquid: a first-principles study, arXiv: 1504.00521
  • First-principles study of an organometallic S=1/2 kagome compound, Zheng Liu, Jia-Wei Mei, Feng Liu, arxiv:cond-mat.str-el/1411.3026