Jacob Bridgeman

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Phd: The University of Sydney 2017

Areas of Research:
Email: jbridgeman@perimeterinstitute.ca

Research Interests

My research interests include interacting many body quantum systems, particularly topological and symmetry protected topological phases and phase transitions. I am also interested in the application of numerical methods based on tensor networks to such systems.

Recently I have been developing computational techniques for studying properties of defects in topological phases.

Recent Publications

  • D. Barter, J. C. Bridgeman, and C. Jones, "Domain walls in topological phases and the Brauer-Picard ring for Vec(Z/pZ)," Communications in Mathematical Physics, arXiv: 1806.01279
  • J. C. Bridgeman, S. D. Bartlett, and A. C. Doherty, "Tensor Networks with a Twist: Anyon-permuting domain walls and defects in PEPS," Physical Review B 96, 245122, arXiv: 1708.08930
  • J. C. Bridgeman and D. J. Williamson, "Anomalies and entanglement renormalization," Physical Review B 96, 125104, arXiv: 1703.07782
  • J. C. Bridgeman and C. T. Chubb, "Hand-waving and Interpretive Dance: An Introductory Course on Tensor Networks," Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical 50, 223001, arXiv: 1603.03039
  • J. C. Bridgeman, S. T. Flammia, and D. Poulin, "Detecting Topological Order with Ribbon Operators," Physical Review B 94, 205123, arXiv: 1603.02275
  • J. C. Bridgeman, A. O"Brien, S. D. Bartlett, and A. C. Doherty, "Multiscale entanglement renormalization ansatz for spin chains with continuously varying criticality," Physical Review B 91, 165129, arXiv: 1501.02817
  • J. C. Bridgeman and D. Barter, "Computing data for Levin-Wen with defects," arXiv: 1907.06692
  • J. C. Bridgeman and D. Barter, "Computing Defects Associated to Bounded Domain Wall Structures: The Vec(Z/pZ) case," arXiv: 1901.08069
  • J. C. Bridgeman, D. Barter, and C. Jones, "Fusing Binary Interface Defects in Topological Phases: The Vec(Z/pZ) case," arXiv: 1810.09469


  • "Tube algebra techniques for TQFTs", Institüt für Theoretische Physik, Leibniz Universität Hannover
  • "An introduction to many body models," Presented at The Ohio State University Summer research program on quantum symmetries
  • "Enriched Topological Codes: 101 applications of the tube algebra," Presented at The Ohio State University Summer research program on quantum symmetries
  • "Anomalies and Entanglement Renormalization," Quantum Algebra and Quantum Topology Seminar, The Ohio State University