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Zhengfeng Ji

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Tsinghua University

Area of Research:
Email: jizhengfeng@gmail.com

Research Interests

Quantum Information and Computation, Quantum Complexity Theory, Hamiltonian Complexity, Quantum Algorithms, Measurement Based Quantum Computing, Quantum Error Correcting Codes, Entanglement Theory.

Recent Publications

  • No-go Theorem for One-way Quantum Computing on Naturally Occurring Two-level Systems, Jianxin Chen, Xie Chen, Runyao Duan, Zhengfeng Ji, Bei Zeng, arXiv: 1004.3787
  • Tensor Rank and Stochastic Entanglement Catalysis for Multipartite Pure States, Lin Chen, Eric Chitambar, Runyao Duan, Zhengfeng Ji, Andreas Winter, arXiv: 1003.3059
  • Quantum state reduction for universal measurement based computation, Xie Chen, Runyao Duan, Zhengfeng Ji, Bei Zeng, arXiv: 1002.1567
  • Multi-Error-Correcting Amplitude Damping Codes, Runyao Duan, Markus Grassl, Zhengfeng Ji, Bei Zeng, arXiv: 1001.2356
  • QIP = PSPACE, Rahul Jain, Zhengfeng Ji, Sarvagya Upadhyay, John Watrous, arXiv: 0907.4737
  • Non-Identity Check Remains QMA-Complete for Short Circuits, Zhengfeng Ji, Xiaodi Wu, arXiv: 0906.5416
  • Predicate transformer semantics of quantum programs. In Semantic Techniques in Quantum Computation, chapter 8, pages 311-360. Cambridge University Press


  • QIP=PSPACE, Microsoft Research Asia, Beijing
  • Introduction to Quantum NP, State Key Laboratory of Computer Science, Institute of Software, CAS
  • Complexity of Non-Identity Check for Short Circuits, Nanjing, AQIS09