Antony Speranza

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Phd: University of Maryland 2018

Area of Research:

Research Interests

My research largely deals with understanding the role of entanglement entropy in quantum gravity. One aspect I have focused on is the need for edge modes in defining a notion of entanglement entropy in a theory with diffeomorphism symmetry, and the possible relation between edge modes and black hole entropy. I am also interested in techniques for computing entanglement entropy perturbatively in quantum field theories, and the application of these calculations to bulk reconstruction in holography.

Recent Publications

  • Felix Haehl, Eric Mintun, Jason Pollack, Antony J. Speranza, Mark van Raamsdonk, Nonlocal multi-trace sources and bulk entanglement in holographic conformal field theories, JHEP 1906 (2019) 005 arXiv: 1904.01584
  • Geometrical tools for embedding fields, submanifolds, and foliations, Antony J. Speranza arXiv: 1904.08012