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Thursday Mar 24, 2016

During a live webcast April 13, 2015 Nobel Prize-winning physicist Art McDonald will explain how researchers created an ultra-clean lab two kilometres underground in an active nickel mine to study fundamental physics, astrophysics, and cosmology.

Tuesday Mar 15, 2016

Five of Canada’s leading science outreach organizations launch Innovation150, a national program that celebrates our country’s innovative past and sparks ideas and discoveries to propel our future.

Tuesday Mar 15, 2016

Cinq organismes canadiens de premier plan en diffusion des connaissances scientifiques lancent Innovation150, programme national qui commémore notre passé innovateur, éveille des idées et suscite des découvertes en vue de notre avenir.

Thursday Feb 18, 2016

During a live webcast March 2, theoretical cosmologist Katherine Freese will explore the mysterious dark side of our universe – dark matter and dark energy.

Thursday Jan 14, 2016

During a live webcast Feb. 3, astrophysicist Victoria Kaspi will explore neutron stars, and explain how these mysterious celestial objects can shed light on some of the most vexing questions in the universe.

Wednesday Jan 06, 2016

Researchers from Perimeter Institute have won both first and third prizes in the 2015 Buchalter Cosmology Prize competition for work that sheds new light on the workings of space and time. 

Thursday Dec 03, 2015

For the first time, astronomers have detected evidence of magnetic fields near Sagittarius A*, the black hole at the centre of the Milky Way, taking the study of black hole growth from theoretical expectation to empirical fact.

Wednesday Nov 18, 2015

On Dec. 2, scientist Paul Schaffer will explore in a live webcast how particle accelerators are being used to advance the field of nuclear medicine. 

Thursday Oct 15, 2015

On Nov. 4, Nobel Laureate Dr. David Wineland will explore the theoretical and technological know-how needed to build ultra-precise atomic clocks that might help enable a quantum revolution. 

Wednesday Sep 16, 2015

Join Perimeter Institute Director Neil Turok on Oct. 7 as he examines the surprising simplicity of the universe, and why its discovery represents a turning point in fundamental physics.


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