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Naturalness - How Religion Turned into Math

Naturalness arguments have been extremely influential in the foundations of physics during the last decades. I explain why they are based on faulty reasoning.


Bimetric theory of Fractional Quantum Hall States

I will describe the recently developed bimetric theory of fractional quantum Hall states. It is an effective theory that includes the Chern-Simons term that describes the topological properties of the fractional quantum Hall state, and a non-linear, a la bimetric massive gravity action that describes gapped Girvin-MacDonald-Platzman mode at long wavelengths.

Wonders of viscous electronics in graphene: anomalies, super-ballistic conductance, etc

Quantum-critical strongly correlated systems feature universal collision-dominated collective transport. Viscous electronics is an emerging field dealing with systems in which strongly interacting electrons flow like a fluid. I shall describe recent theoretical and experimental results: negative resistance, current vortices, expulsion of electric field, conductance exceeding the fundamental quantum-ballistic limit and other wonders of viscous electronics.

Nature Physics 2016, 2017,  PNAS 2017,  PhysRevLet 2017

All point correlation functions in SYK

The SYK model and its variants are a new class of large N conformal field theories. In this talk, we solve SYK, computing all connected correlation functions. Our techniques and results for summing all leading large N Feynman diagrams are applicable to a significantly broader class of theories.