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Wednesday Mar 16, 2011

Einstein's theory of relativity combines space and time into a unified notion. Twistor theory goes beyond this and examines paths taken by light and other particles without mass - in an attempt to understand our universe at a deeper level, including the foundations of quantum physics.

Thursday Feb 17, 2011

Flash forward 20 years... What if our best efforts to lower carbon emissions, wean off fossil fuels, and plan for a soaring population weren't enough? Would we ask ourselves why we didn't take action sooner, transforming the ideas from our greatest innovators into the technologies needed to prepare for a more secure and sustainable future?

Wednesday Feb 09, 2011

 Did you know you could fit the entire human race in the volume of a sugar cube? Or that, if the Sun were made of bananas, it wouldn't make much difference? Or that 98 per cent of the Universe is invisible?

Thursday Jan 06, 2011

For thousands of years people have wondered, "Are we alone?" Out of the 500 planets so far known to orbit nearby stars, about 100 transit their host stars, that is, the planet goes in front of its star as seen from Earth.

Sunday Nov 28, 2010

Establishes the BMO Financial Group Isaac Newton Chair in Theoretical Physics at Perimeter Institute


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