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Wednesday Oct 17, 2012

The elusive Higgs boson particle, predicted half a century ago, was discovered this summer, capturing international attention. Why did the discovery take so long and why is it so important? And the real question, now that the Higgs has been found, what’s next for particle physics?

Wednesday May 16, 2012

“Is it the weekend yet?”… “Time flies!” … “There aren’t enough hours in a day!” – these are all phrases we hear often, and sometimes say ourselves. But what if time didn’t exist? What if we lived in a world free of alarm clocks, appointment times, and calendars? 

Thursday May 10, 2012

Researchers at Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics have recently received multiple recognitions for their achievements in areas such as subatomic physics, mathematical physics, quantum field theory and quantum gravity.

Wednesday Apr 11, 2012

The Pythagoreans 2500 years ago believed in a celestial "music of the spheres", an idea that reverberated down the millennia in Western music, literature, art and science.

Thursday Mar 15, 2012

An international team of astronomers is planning something audacious: a revolutionary telescope so vast and distributed, it will comprise 3,000 dishes spanning the area of an entire continent.

Wednesday Jan 11, 2012

We shovel them, we hide from them, and we rejoice when they give us an extra day's holiday. In a Canadian winter, the snowflake is everywhere. But how do they form? What do their complex and striking shapes tell us about nature? Looking back to our childhood, is it true that no two are exactly alike?

Wednesday Nov 23, 2011

Paul Dirac was a scientific genius of legendary eccentricity. He is best known for conceiving of antimatter and co-discovering the most revolutionary theory of the past century - quantum mechanics - while strangely sending postcards home during his times of great discovery to discuss only the weather.

Wednesday Oct 12, 2011

Black holes are hot! This discovery made by Stephen Hawking ties together gravity, spacetime, quantum matter, and thermal systems into the beautiful and exciting science of "black hole thermodynamics". Its beauty lies in the powerful way it speaks of the unity of physics.

Friday Sep 16, 2011

TVO and Ontario's Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics are pleased to announce a new five-year partnership, making TVO the exclusive presenting media partner for the Perimeter Institute's international science-themed events and popular public lecture series.

Tuesday Sep 13, 2011

The official grand opening and ribbon cutting of the Stephen Hawking Centre at Perimeter Institute will take place on Saturday, September 17th at 2:45 pm ET.


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