PI Researchers Win Multiple FQXi Essay Prizes

PI researchers feature prominently in an essay contest from the Foundational Questions Institute on "The Nature of Time."

FQXi, the Foundational Questions Institute (www.fqxi.org), recently held its first essay contest, offering $50K in prizes for essays on "The Nature of Time", and PI Researchers figured prominently among the winners.

Third Juried Prizes went to Fotini Markopoulou for her provocatively titled essay,  "Space does not exist, so time can", and to PI Affiliate Steve Weinstein for his paper, "Many Times". Fourth Juried Prizes went to former PI postdocs Olaf Dreyer for “Time is not the problem” and Florian Girelli et al for "Is the notion of time really fundamental"   The full text of all of the essays is available for download at the FQXi website (see http://fqxi.org/community/essay/winners).

About FQXi FQXi is a nonprofit "virtual institute" supporting research on foundational questions in physics and cosmology. To learn more, see: http://fqxi.org/home.

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