Ontario Boosts Perimeter Educational Outreach

Ontario’s Ministry of Education and Perimeter Institute have launched a project to reach more of Ontario’s youth, including those in underserviced areas, through expanded Perimeter programming.

Ontario Minister of Education Liz Sandals has announced a four-year grant to make Perimeter Institute’s educational resources available to more teachers and students throughout Ontario’s publicly funded school systems, beginning in Grade 5 science and technology.
The $2.95 million grant will support authentic and inspiring student engagement with STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), particularly among students in remote areas of the province.
Through the partnership, Perimeter will create new resources that are curriculum-linked and available online, as well as reach out to teachers and students where they live with new travelling and digital science exhibits, in partnership with other science outreach organizations. 
One of the goals of this partnership, building on the aims of the science curriculum to develop wonder and ingenuity in all students, is to spark curiosity and an exploratory spirit among the young people who will drive innovation in Ontario.  
“We are pleased to be partnering with the Perimeter Institute to expand opportunities in science, math, and technology for Ontario students,” said Minister Sandals. “Perimeter’s track record of excellence and commitment to reaching out to Ontario schools make them a strong partner to build on 21st-century learning opportunities for our youth and their families.” 
The partnership will enable Perimeter Institute to create additional curriculum-linked resources, which will be available online, and to create new educator tools and classroom resources for students in Grades 5 to 12. A new travelling science exhibition will reach more young people who may not otherwise have access to hands-on learning opportunities.
In tandem, Perimeter will launch an online hub – building on the Institute’s successful train-the-trainer model of teacher collaboration – where educators can share ideas and access STEM education and careers resources
“This project builds upon Perimeter’s core programming to further equip teachers and students with a growing suite of inquiry-based and curriculum-linked science resources,” said Greg Dick, Perimeter Institute’s Director of Educational Outreach.
“The collaboration will empower more of Ontario’s youth, including those who may not otherwise have the opportunity, to delve into science first-hand.”
The grant partnership was announced November 4 at a Perimeter Institute Public Lecture delivered by Nobel Prize-winning physicist David Wineland. 

About Perimeter Institute

Perimeter Institute is the world’s largest research hub devoted to theoretical physics. The independent Institute was founded in 1999 to foster breakthroughs in the fundamental understanding of our universe, from the smallest particles to the entire cosmos. Research at Perimeter is motivated by the understanding that fundamental science advances human knowledge and catalyzes innovation, and that today’s theoretical physics is tomorrow’s technology. Located in the Region of Waterloo, the not-for-profit Institute is a unique public-private endeavour, including the Governments of Ontario and Canada, that enables cutting-edge research, trains the next generation of scientific pioneers, and shares the power of physics through award-winning educational outreach and public engagement. 


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“Perimeter’s track record of excellence and commitment to reaching out to Ontario schools make them a strong partner to build on 21st-century learning opportunities for our youth and their families.”


– Liz Sandals, Ontario Minister of Education