New Scholarship Supports Exceptional Early-Career Scientists

Perimeter Institute is pleased to announce the creation of the Anaximandros Scholarship, which will support the education and training of exceptional young physicists.

Made possible by $100,000 in equal commitments from the Hellenic Heritage Foundation and the Savvas Chamberlain Family Foundation, the Anaximandros Scholarship will provide emerging scientists with the resources and freedom necessary to pursue the deepest questions in physics.

Each year, the scholarship will allocate $10,000 toward supporting the leading-edge training and research of a graduate-level student at Perimeter Institute.

Recipients of the scholarship will carry on the scientific tradition launched by the ancient Greek philosopher Anaximandros, who is believed to have conducted the earliest recorded scientific experiment.

The study of physics was launched in ancient Greece by Anaximandros, Aristotle, and their successors. Their influence on science is so profound that the word “physics” itself is derived from the Greek φυσική, meaning “the science of nature.”

Anaximandros Scholarship recipients will exemplify the unbounded curiosity and devotion to scientific understanding symbolized by Anaximandros and the ancient Greek tradition. The inaugural recipient of the Anaximandros Scholarship will be named in the near future. Students are recruited to Perimeter based on proven academic excellence; upon acceptance to Perimeter, students of Hellenic heritage, including Greek-Cypriot heritage, will be considered for the Anaximandros Scholarship.

“An investment in brilliant young scientists is an investment in the future,” said Jonathan Braniff, Perimeter Institute’s Chief Advancement Officer. “This visionary scholarship created by the Hellenic Heritage Foundation and the Savvas Chamberlain Family Foundation demonstrates their shared vision for building a better society through world-leading science education.”



Anaximandros (c.610 - c.546 BC Militos) (also referred to as Anaximander) was one of the earliest Hellenic philosophers and proponents of science. His quest was to derive natural explanations for phenomena that had previously been ascribed to the agency of supernatural powers. Anaximandros had a particular interest in the origins of the universe. He believed that the universe is boundless and infinite. With his assertion that physical forces, rather than supernatural means, create order in the universe, Anaximandros can be considered the first scientist. He is known to have conducted the earliest recorded scientific experiment. He has been called the father of astronomy because he was the first thinker who developed cosmology using mathematical proportions to map the heavens. He was also the first to draw a map of the known world, which was later refined by travellers and other scholars. Aristotle, Plato, and Theophrastus had access to his original writings and there are plenty of details reported about his ideas, but unfortunately few of the original documents have survived.



The Hellenic Heritage Foundation is a charitable, non-profit organization, established in Toronto in 1996, dedicated to raising funds to preserve and promote Hellenic heritage and culture in Canada. Working with partners in academia, the arts, and business, the Foundation funds projects that enrich our Canadian mosaic, provide opportunities and new experiences for youth and others in our community, and contribute to a more caring, vibrant, and tolerant society. As a prominent member of Imagine Canada, the Hellenic Heritage Foundation is a highly respected and professionally managed foundation that has raised over $5.5 million to advance its objectives. The Foundation is proudly celebrating its 17th anniversary in 2013.



The Savvas Chamberlain Family Foundation believes that a civilized, gentle, and caring society is beneficial to all the peoples of Canada. Further, the Foundation believes that provision of financial and other support of any magnitude and type to the underprivileged will also benefit all peoples and better our local and Canadian society. The Foundation, through the provision of charitable support to the underprivileged, with help extended to the needy and the poor of our local and Canadian communities, and through the financial support for education, the arts, culture, music, health and welfare, and the environment, can fulfill our family vision.


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