Perimeter Teacher Network members Steve Greer and Jeff Goldie receive CAP Awards for Excellence in High School/CEGEP Physics Teaching.

Two high school teachers with ties to Perimeter Institute have been named among this year’s five most outstanding high school and CEGEP physics teachers in Canada. 
The Canadian Association of Physicists (CAP) presents five awards each year to teachers across Canada to recognize their commitment to motivating students, developing innovative teaching methods, mentoring both students and new physics teachers, and fostering science-related extracurricular activities.
The awards – sponsored by the CAP, Perimeter Institute, TRIUMF, the Institute of Particle Physics, and the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of BC – will be presented later this year.
Steve Greer teaches physics at the Charles P. Allen High School in Bedford, Nova Scotia. In awarding him the Atlantic Canada award, the CAP praised his ability to bring together “the three essential aspects of good teaching: content knowledge, pedagogy, and student relationships.” 
Greer, who has served as the Perimeter Teacher Network Eastern Canada Regional Coordinator and facilitated the Institute’s EinsteinPlus summer workshop for teachers, was also lauded for his leadership within the Perimeter Teacher Network.
“Steve Greer has engaged his students through the use of hands-on and minds-on activities, inspiring students to think differently about the world around them,” the citation reads.
“He infuses the concepts of modern physics throughout his curriculum in order to stimulate his students’ curiosity and interest. ...Whether it is presenting at conferences or having ‘Physics and Pizza’ workshops in his classroom after school, Steve is always trying to share his expertise and is always willing to learn.”
Jeff Goldie, who teaches at Strathcona High School in Edmonton, received the Prairies and Northwest Territories award “for his 30-year track record of teaching excellence, his mentorship of other teachers, and his leadership in physics education in Alberta.”
“Jeff Goldie has the ability to instill critical thinking within his students – he inspires the capability to think for oneself,” the citation states.
“As one of his students has said, ‘If you have a question that you can’t find the answer to, go to a teacher. If that fails, try the internet. If that doesn’t work then go ask Mr. Goldie. If he doesn’t know the answer, it’s because it is being addressed at CERN.’”


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Perimeter Institute congratulates the CAP teaching award winners.