David Cory Joins Perimeter Institute Faculty

The Canada Excellence Research Chair in quantum information processing joins PI as Associate Faculty member, jointly appointed with the Institute for Quantum Computing.

Professor [Bad Link: Plugin Not Found] has joined Perimeter Institute (PI) as an Associate Faculty member, in a joint appointment with the Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC) at the University of Waterloo, where he holds the prestigious Canada Excellence Research Chair in Quantum Information Processing.


In making the announcement, PI Director Neil Turok said, “David Cory is an extraordinarily gifted physicist. His appointment here will undoubtedly spark new collaborations at the key interface between quantum theory and the experimental realization of quantum devices. He will have a huge impact for both PI and IQC, bridging the divide between theory and experiment. We saw this first hand last year when he gave a wonderful course on our PSI Masters program.”

IQC Director Raymond Laflamme said, “This appointment is a win-win situation that will enrich the research at both institutes. With a scientist the calibre of David Cory, Canada is even better positioned to lead the world in the quantum information revolution.”

Professor Cory’s research aims to design, fabricate, test and deploy useful quantum devices. In his laboratory at IQC, Professor Cory and his team are now working to develop quantum sensors and actuators, which will form the building blocks for future quantum computers. Ultimately, such technologies are expected to have major applications to medicine, communications, biochemistry, physics and nanoscience.

Prior to joining PI and IQC, Professor Cory was a professor in the Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering at MIT. He also chairs the Advisory Committee for the Canadian Institute for Quantum Information Processing program of the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research (CIFAR).


Commenting on his appointment, Professor Cory said, “I am very happy to be joining PI's Faculty. I have collaborated with members of PI and taught at PSI, Perimeter Institute’s Masters program, and both have been wonderful experiences. At IQC I focus on the experimental aspects of building quantum devices; at PI I have the time to think about more long range issues.”

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