Celebrating the seventh class of Perimeter Scholars International

Seventh class completes Perimeter’s "theoretical physics boot camp"  the Perimeter Scholars International (PSI) master’s program  during a banner year for science.

They joined renowned cosmologists to watch the announcement that gravitational waves had been detected, they chatted with Canada's Prime Minister, and they learned the gamut of cutting-edge theoretical physics.
On June 18, the seventh class of Perimeter Scholars International capped off a banner year by celebrating their completion of the 10-month "theoretical physics boot camp" that earns them a Master of Science from the University of Waterloo.
During a ceremony at Perimeter Institute, they reflected on a year of intense study and exciting moments.
"It was a remarkable year to be a physicist," said Alessandro Morito Gagliardi, who shared valedictory duties with fellow graduate Adrián Franco Rubio. 
"Today we are putting an end to this amazing year," said Rubio. "Some of us may stay active in theoretical physics, others may explore other paths. We now belong to a global community of physics, and we know that no matter what happens, our friends will be there."
Every year, Perimeter fields hundreds of applications to the program, which is unique both for the challenges of the subject matter and for its focus on teamwork between students, PSI Fellows, and faculty. 
Having earned their PSI certificates, the latest cohort of students will receive their MSc degrees from the University of Waterloo at a convocation ceremony this fall. 
The 29 students in the latest class came from 18 countries, including many warmer climates than Canada’s, which was part of the motivation behind the inaugural PSI Winter School – a weeklong retreat that paired intense physics with quintessentially Canadian outdoor activities.    
Perimeter Institute Director Neil Turok lauded the graduating class not only for completing the demanding coursework, but also for their enthusiasm, optimism, and collaborative spirit. 
"PSI is not about getting a grade," he said. "It is not about competing with your classmates. It is about exploration – personal exploration as well as academic.
"Whatever you do next, I ask all of you to be ambassadors for theoretical physics. We are here to serve humankind and improve the world, and theoretical physics is one of the most powerful ways we can do it."
- Colin Hunter



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"We now belong to a global community of physics, and we know that no matter what happens, our friends will be there."


- PSI valedictorian Adrián Franco Rubio.