Bianca Dittrich to Join Perimeter Faculty

Perimeter Institute's growing research faculty will welcome another member, Bianca Dittrich, in 2012.

Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics (PI) is pleased to announce the appointment of Bianca Dittrich to its research faculty. Dr. Dittrich currently leads the Max Planck Research Group "Canonical and Covariant Dynamics of Quantum Gravity" at the Albert Einstein Institute in Potsdam, Germany.

In making the announcement, PI's Director Neil Turok said, "Dr. Dittrich is a gifted and powerful thinker with enormous potential. She has already made major contributions across the spectrum of models for quantum gravity. She will strengthen our efforts across a number of research areas including quantum gravity, cosmology and black holes. We look forward to Bianca's arrival with great anticipation."

Dr. Dittrich's research focuses on the construction and examination of quantum gravity models. Among other important findings, she has provided a computational framework for gauge invariant observables in (canonical) general relativity that are independent from any choice of coordinatization, and found that the different spaces of potential configurations describing discrete geometries are very different — even in size — in the various quantum gravity models.

Dr. Dittrich's present work seeks to understand how one could construct a new class of lattice models which are independent of one's choice of discretization, which should then display a discrete notion of diffeomorphism symmetry, beginning with the models we know so far. This work has many potential links to other fields of study at PI, such as condensed matter, quantum computing, and numerical relativity. Indeed, PI's interdisciplinary approach was a major factor in Dr. Dittrich's decision to join PI's faculty.

"PI's breadth of research topics and the possibilities and freedom it offers to do research are rather exceptional," Dr. Dittrich explained. "I am very happy to have been given this opportunity to again enjoy Perimeter's unique atmosphere and energetic scientific life."

Dr. Dittrich grew up in Berlin and completed her undergraduate degree at the nearby University of Potsdam. She did her diploma thesis with Renate Loll, who is now a PI Distinguished Research Chair and a member of the Institute's Scientific Advisory Committee. Dr. Dittrich received her PhD from the Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics in 2005, under the supervision of Thomas Thiemann, one of Perimeter's Associate Faculty members.

Among her many accomplishments, Dr. Dittrich is a recipient of the Otto Hahn Medal of the Max Planck Society (2007), which recognizes outstanding young scientists, and a Marie Curie Fellowship (2008). 

Further Exploration

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