Media & Communications Specialist Position


Reporting to the External Relations and Public Affairs Department, the Media & Communications Specialist will contribute to the planning and delivery of external communications activities. The incumbent will carve out new pathways and relationships to share Perimeter messaging and content among diverse audiences, through engaging national and international media, online and cultural influencers, third-party organizations, as well as existing stakeholders and key partners.



Perimeter Institute’s vision is to create the world’s foremost centre for foundational theoretical physics, uniting public and private partners, and the world’s best scientific minds, in a shared enterprise to achieve breakthroughs that will transform our future.

Perimeter believes breakthroughs are realized through a collision of intellect, imagination and inspiration. The Institute exists to enable the most ambitious research and share its transformative powers with the world.

In communicating throughout Canada and around the world, the External Relations group at Perimeter harnesses the collaborative power of team members from across all areas of the Institute. This includes interacting with other content-producing areas such as the research community, Educational Outreach, Publications, and Advancement.

These groups at Perimeter create a multitude of content to share among key audiences: research findings on the frontier of physics, interactive outreach activities for students, lectures from leading thinkers, and international festivals, and external-facing events.

The External Relations efforts exist to ensure communications continuity and connect the messages with key stakeholders and audiences at the right time. In doing so, External Relations conducts operations involving media relations, government relations, marketing services, and production services. The department also spearheads certain special projects and contributes to initiatives owned by other areas.

Within this collaborative context, the External Relations Department is currently seeking a highly skilled Media & Communications Specialist for:


  • Growing national and international media engagement activities
  • Expanding distribution of Perimeter content and messages through non-traditional pathways


  • Identifying and helping to establish partnerships in the joint-creation and delivery of content
  • Working with Perimeter partners as needed in the creation and delivery of their messages
  • Contributing to department planning, reports, and back-up of other roles as needed

Key Duties

The Media & Communications Specialist will specifically:

  • Enhance the flow, repurposing, and dissemination of messages through existing Perimeter channels
  • Strategize, create, and execute a national/international media engagement plan
  • Engage non-traditional contacts across sectors with their own distribution channels in their sharing of content
  • Vet inbound inquiries from media members, influencers, and organizations – followed by the research and recommendations on opportunities
  • Serve as a key contact/liaison between Perimeter members and outside communicators, including all scheduling and follow-up (i.e. photography, fact-checking, etc.)
  • Provide monitoring, valuation, and reports on communication activities
  • Handle related budgets – tied to wires, reprints, association memberships, meet-ups, etc.

Education and Experience:

  1. Post-secondary degree in Journalism, Communications, Sales & Marketing, Business Administration, or related fields is preferred.
  2. 3+ years of experience with earned media, social media, marketing communications, and public relations messaging.
  3. Excellent relationship-building skills among communicators across different sectors.
  4. Track record of earned media coverage at national and international levels.
  5. Track record of successful social media engagement and other online audience interaction.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Required:

The Media & Communications Specialist will, at a high level, deeply understand the nature of Perimeter’s key audiences, plus the individuals and vehicles that best engage them.

The Specialist will also, in a hands-on manner, strategize messaging tactics (creating, requesting, or repurposing content as needed) and see to the distribution of the information (using Perimeter vehicles, media interest, and/or third-party channels) to share the content in a timely and effective manner.

Specific attributes will include:

  1. Exceptional communicator - with impeccable writing, editing, presentation, and conversational skills.
  2. Understanding of, and experience with, with traditional media - from major outlets to niche publications.
  3. Understanding of, and experimentation with, modern and emerging channels - not only blogs, curated sites, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc., but also in identifying and motivating influential people and organizations across sectors to share Perimeter news/content through their own channels in their audience’s best interests.
  4. Appreciates multiple points-of-view – the ability to think from the audience perspective, relate to needs and timelines of key contacts, and tailor messages in the best interests of each audience.
  5. Naturally curious about the world – including the people and events that motivate change, and about Perimeter’s opportunity to share the role of theoretical physics in helping shape a better future.
  6. Operates with urgency and efficiency – in service of key contacts and across multiple projects.
  7. Performs tied to goals – appreciates the need for focused communications tied to priorities, with the measurement and adjustment to operations to achieve those goals.
  8. Collaborates – proactively contributes ideas, seeks input, shares information, cross-checks the work of others, and ensures open pathways to the swift creation and delivery of messages.
  9. Exceptional interpersonal skills – in keeping with a highly respectful workplace at the Institute and partnering centres.
  10. Respects confidentiality – with utmost care and privacy for Institute members and partnering organizations.
  11. Superior project management – prioritizing projects, maintaining organized workflow, meeting commitments and deadlines to others.
  12. Technical ability – mastery of Microsoft Office Suite, familiarity with SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Core Motives or similar planning and contact tools. Proficient with content management systems or similar web-based functions. Command of top social media formats. Ability to rapidly learn and adapt to changing technical tools.
  13. Second language proficiency – helpful, though not a prerequisite.

Hours of Work:

  • General hours of work are based on a 37.5 hour work week. Additional hours of work beyond the standard work week will be required, including odd hours tied to news cycles and developments across time zones.

Working Conditions and Physical Effort:

  • Work is normally performed in a typical interior/office environment – at Perimeter or remote office, occasionally at media outlets, partner organizations, and meet-ups in a variety of settings
  • Hours vary; mainly dayside, but with evening, late night and weekend attention to agendas as needed tied to news cycles, online activity, and developments in other time zones
  • Professional appearance and deportment required
  • Travel is required – provincial, national, and international
  • None or very limited physical effort required
  • None or very limited exposure to physical risk