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Universality in all-order alpha' corrections to BPS/non-BPS brane world volume theories

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Knowledge of all-alpha' higher derivative corrections to leading order BPS and non-BPS brane actions would serve in future endeavor of determining the complete form of the non-abelian BPS and tachyonic effective actions. In this talk, we note that there is a universality in the all-alpha' order corrections to BPS and non-BPS branes. I talk about computing all amplitudes between one Ramond-Ramond C-field vertex operator and several SYM gauge/scalar vertex operators. Specifically, we evaluate in closed form string correlators of two-point amplitudes A^{C\phi}$, $\cal A^{CA}, a three-point amplitude A^{C\phi\phi} and a four-point amplitude A^{C\phi\phi\phi}. We carry out pole and contact term analysis. In particular we reproduce some of the contact terms and the infinite massless poles of A^{C\phi\phi\phi} by SYM vertices obtained through the universality.