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Unified approach to classical and quantum dualities

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Dualities appear in nearly all disciplines of physics and play a central role in statistical mechanics and field theory. I will discuss in a pedagogical way our recent findings motivated by a quest for a simple unifying framework for the detection and treatment of dualities.
I will explain how classical and quantum dualities, as well as duality relations that appear only in a sector of certain theories (i.e. emergent dualities), can be unveiled, and systematically established. Our method relies on the use of morphisms of the "bond algebra" of a quantum Hamiltonian. Dualities are characterized as unitary mappings implementing such morphisms, whose even powers become symmetries of the quantum problem. Dual variables (non-local mappings between the elementary degrees of freedom of the theory) which were guessed in the past can be derived
in our formalism. New self-dualities for four-dimensional Abelian gauge field theories will be discussed.