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Towards an Asymptotically AdS Description of Heavy Ion Collisions

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I will discuss recent work in simulating asymptotically
anti-de Sitter spacetimes, and its relation to heavy ion collider physics. For
this purpose, I intend to focus on a class of oblately deformed black hole
spacetime solutions. For each of these solutions, I will map the gravitational
metric in the spacetime bulk to a stress tensor one-point function of the
conformal field theory defined on the spacetime boundary. During the ring-down
process, wherein the deformed black hole settles down to the AdS analog of the
Schwarzschild solution, I will exhibit evidence that the dual CFT stress tensor
on the boundary is that of an N=4 SYM fluid, even for black holes of
significant deformation well outside the perturbative regime. We will
conformally map the boundary fluid onto a real-world fluid in Minkowski space,
and discover a temperature profile which can be thought of as approximating
that of a head-on heavy ion collision at its moment of impact. I will close
with a description of recent parallel explorations.