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Rebooting Canonical Quantum gravity

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In this talk, we present a new outlook on canonical quantum gravity and its coupling to matter.

We will show how this fresh perspective combines the critical elements of holography, loop quantum gravity, and relative locality. I will first focus on the consequences of cutting open a portion of space and show that new symmetry charges and new degrees of freedom reveal themselves. 
I will explain the nature of this boundary symmetry algebra in metric gravity and then first-order gravity. We will see that a rich structure appears that explains from the continuum perspective the non-commutativity of geometric flux, the quantization of the area spectra, the nature of the simplicity constraints but also reveals the dual momentum observables and finally allow to reconcile the elements of canonical gravity with Lorentz invariance.
I will discuss the issue of quantization as a challenge of finding a representation of the boundary algebra and will give clues about where we are in this process.