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Quantum Data Hiding: Challenges and Opportunities

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Correlations in quantum states are sometimes inaccessible if only restricted types of quantum measurements can be performed, an effect known as quantum data hiding. For example highly entangled states shared by two parties might appear uncorrelated if the parties can only measure locally their shares of the state and communicate classically with each other.

In this talk I will first discuss how a better understanding of the peculiar type of correlations found in quantum data hiding states is useful in addressing two challenges of quantum information theory: the design of efficient algorithms for determining if a quantum state is entangled, and the establishment of area laws in gapped local Hamiltonians.

Second, I will present new efficient ways of generating data hiding, e.g. employing random local quantum circuits, and will briefly discuss the relevance of this approach to the problem of proving quick equilibration of quantum systems unitarily interacting with a large environment.