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MUBs and Hadamards

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Mutually unbiased bases (MUBs) have attracted a lot of attention the last years. These bases are interesting for their potential use within quantum information processing and when trying to understand quantum state space. A central question is if there exists complete sets of N+1 MUBs in N-dimensional Hilbert space, as these are desired for quantum state tomography. Despite a lot of effort they are only known in prime power dimensions.
I will describe in geometrical terms how a complete set of MUBs would sit in the set of density matrices and present a distance between bases–a measure of unbiasedness. Then I will explain the relation between MUBs and Hadamard matrices, and report on a search for MUB-sets in dimension N=6. In this case no sets of more than three MUBs are found, but there are several inequivalent triplets.