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Matrix product state evolutions of quantum fields in curved space

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The matrix product state (MPS) ansatz makes possible computationally-efficient representations of weakly entangled many-body quantum systems with gapped Hamiltonians near their ground states, notably including massive, relativistic quantum fields on the lattice. No Wick rotation is required to apply the time evolution operator, enabling study of time-dependent Hamiltonians. Using free massive scalar field theory on the 1+1 Robertson-Walker metric as a toy example, I present early efforts to exploit this fact to model quantum fields in curved spacetime. We use the ADM formalism to write the appropriate Hamiltonian witnessed by a particular class of normal observers. Possible applications include simulations of gravitational particle production in the presence of interactions, studies of the slicing-dependence of entanglement production, and inclusion of the expectation of the stress-energy tensor as a matter source in a numerical relativity simulation.