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Instanton Corrections to Hypermultiplet Moduli Spaces

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Finding the exact, quantum corrected metric on the hypermultiplet moduli space in Type II string compactifications on Calabi-Yau threefolds is still an open problem. We address this issue by relating the quaternionic-Kähler metric on the hypermultiplet moduli space to the complex contact geometry on its twistor space. In this framework, Euclidean D-brane instantons are captured by contact transformations between different patches. We derive those by recasting the previously known A-type D2-instanton corrections in the language of contact geometry, covariantizing the result under electro-magnetic duality, and using mirror symmetry. As a result, we are able to express the effects of all D-instantons in Type II compactifications concisely as a sum of dilogarithm functions.