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Ground-code measurement-based quantum computer

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I will talk about a scheme of the ground-code measurement-based quantum computer, which enjoys two major advantages. (i) Every logical qubit is encoded in the gapped degenerate ground subspace of a spin-1 chain with nearest-neighbor two-body interactions, so that it equips built-in robustness against noise. (ii) Computation is processed by single-spin measurements along multiple chains dynamically coupled on demand, so as to keep teleporting only logical information into a gap-protected ground state of the rest chains after the interactions with spins to be measured are adiabatically turned off. Our scheme is a conceptual advance, since measurements generally create excitations in the system so that two desired properties, keeping the information in the ground state and processing the information by measurements, are not seemingly compatible. I may shortly describe implementations using trapped atoms or polar molecules in an optical lattice, where the gap is expected to be as large as 0.2 KHz or 4.8 KHz respectively. This is a joint work with G.K. Brennen.