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Fractional Chern and Topological Insulators

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Recent years have seen a renewed interest, both theoretically and experimentally, in the search for topological states of matter. On the theoretical side, while much progress has been achieved in providing a general classification of non-interacting topological states, the fate of these phases in the presence of strong interactions remains an open question. The purpose of this talk is to describe recent developments on this front. In the first part of the talk, we will consider, in a scenario with time-reversal symmetry breaking, dispersionless electronic Bloch bands (flatbands) with non-zero Chern number and show results of exact diagonalization in a small system at 1/3 filling that support the existence of a fractional quantum Hall state in the absence of an external magnetic field. In the second part of the talk, we will discuss strongly interacting electronic phases with time-reversal symmetry in two dimensions and propose a candidate topological field theory with fractionalized excitations that describes the low energy properties of a class of time-reversal symmetric states.