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Evaporating black holes in the presence of a minimal length

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After implementing an effective minimal length, we will present a new class of spacetimes, describing both neutral and charged black holes. As a result, we will improve the conventional Schwarzschild and Reisner-Nordstroem spacetimes, smearing out their singularities at the origin. On the thermodynamic side, we will show how the new black holes admit a maximum temperature, followed by the ``SCRAM phase'', a thermodynamic stable shut down, characterized by a positive black hole heat capacity. As a consequence, also for the neutral solution, in place of the runaway behavior of the temperature, one finds that the evaporation ends up with a zero temperature extremal black hole, i.e. a final configuration entirely governed by the minimal length. For the charged case, both the Hawking and Schwinger pair creation will be discussed in this new scenario. We will also analyze the above solutions in the presence of extra dimensions and the connections with the production of mini black holes, which is foreseen in the extreme energy hadron collisions at the LHC in the next few months. Finally we will discuss further developments and possible connections with other approaches in this field.