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Causal Sets and Frame-Valued Set Theory

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In spacetime physics any set C of events—a causal set—is taken to be partially ordered by the relation £ of possible causation: for p, q Î C,   p £ q means that q is in p’s future light cone. Fotini Markopoulou has proposed that the causal structure of spacetime itself be represented by “sets evolving over C” —that is, in essence, by the topos Set C of presheaves on Cop.  In this talk I am going to show how Set  C may be effectively replaced by a certain model V(H)of intuitionistic set theory—frame-valued set theory—with (I hope) illuminating results. In particular, Markopoulou’s idea of viewing the universe “from the inside” will amount to placing oneself “inside” V(H). I will also sketch the role played in this framework by covering schemes and sheaves.