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Approaches to tests of gravity on cosmological scales

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More than a decade after its discovery, cosmic acceleration still 
poses a puzzle for modern cosmology and a plethora of models of dark energy 
or modified gravity, able to reproduce the observed expansion history, have 
been proposed as alternatives to the cosmological standard model. In recent 
years it has become increasingly evident that probes of the expansion his- 
tory are not sufficient to distinguish among the candidate models, and that 
it is necessary to combine those with observations that probe the dynamics 
of inhomogeneities. Future cosmological surveys will map the evolution of 
inhomogeneities to high accuracy, allowing us to test the relationships be- 
tween matter overdensities, local curvature, and the Newtonian potential on 
cosmological scales.

I will discuss theoretical issues involved in finding an optimal framework to 
study deviations from General Relativity on cosmological scales, giving an 
overview of recent progress, with a focus on model-independent, parametrized 
approaches. I will summarize where we stand and what are the next steps 
we should take.