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National Philanthropy Day

The community of Perimeter donors make an impact every day on the work that Perimeter does. On National Philanthropy Day, we are celebrating Perimeter's donors.

Thank you.


Donors support student programs so that the best students from Canada and around the world can study at Perimeter. To date, almost $5 million has been raised to support students at Perimeter, including the Perimeter Scholar's International program, PhD scholarships and postdoctoral fellowships. Learn more about training at Perimeter. 

Donors support educational outreach that communicates the power and wonder of science to students, teachers and science enthusiasts around the world. Great science cannot happen in isolation; it must be shared with those who support it, are inspired by it, and ultimately benefit from it. Learn more about outreach at Perimeter.

Donors support Perimeter research in theoretical physics in many ways, including by establishing Research Chairs that enable Perimeter to recruit and retain the best scientists from around the world. Perimeter researchers unravel the mysteries of the universe from the quantum to the cosmos. Learn more about research at Perimeter. 

Donors support women in physics. Perimeter aims to lead the world in effecting real change in the under-representation of women in theoretical physics through Emmy Noether Initiatives, which support women of all ages in science. Learn more about women in physics at Perimeter.

Your gift to Perimeter has an impact. Thank you.