Meet a Scientist - Dr. Olivier Dore

The origin and evolution of the largest observable structures in the universe (much larger than entire galaxies); understanding why the expansion of the universe is accelerating. Observational techniques: cosmic microwave background, gravitational lensing and gravity waves.

Meet a Scientist - Prof. Neta A. Bahcall

Observational cosmology, with particular focus on the formation and evolution of large scale structures in our universe like clusters of galaxies as large as 500 million light years. “Weighing” the universe, and mapping out the mysterious dark matter it contains.

Meet a Scientist - Christopher Fuchs

Applications of quantum theory to cryptography and computation; understanding in more concrete, physical terms what quantum theory is telling us about the nature of reality. Applications of information theory to better understand the quantum “wave function”.

Meet a Scientist - John Norton

Philosophy of physics, puzzles about the content and status of foundational principles – the logic of physicists’ basic assumptions, especially with regards to space and time, and the history of science, e.g. exactly how Einstein made his discoveries.

Homogeneous and Isotropic Universe from Nonlinear Massive Gravity

The question of finite range gravity, or equivalently,
whether graviton can have a non-zero mass, has been one of the major challenges
in classical field theory for the last 70 years.

Following In The Footsteps: Searching For The Next Miracle

Howard Burton, John Stachel, Artur Ekert, Gary Horowitz, unifying, quantum field theory, superstring theory, unification, symmetry of nature, electromagnetism, gravity, Einstein, quantum, many worlds, quantum mechanics, Higgs particle,supersymmetry, quantum computers

Was Einstein Right? Can Einstein's Theories Survive Today's Scientific Scrutiny?

How has the most celebrated scientific theory of the 20th century held up under the exacting scrutiny of planetary probes, radio telescopes and atomic clocks? After 100 years, was Einstein right? Clifford Will, Einstein, general relativity, spacetime, gravity wave, mercury perihelion, light, radioastronomy, gravititational lenses, quasars, pulsar

Juan Maldacena - Black Holes and the Structure of Space Time

Black Holes and the Structure of Space Time Juan Maldacena, blackholes, space-time, gravitation, gravity, special relativity, quantum mechanics, Einstein, equivalence principle, redshift factor, universality, white black holes, quantum gravity, string theory, general relativity, Penrose, Hawking, thermodynamics, entropy

James Hartle - Einstein\'s Vision and the Quantum Universe.

Einstein\'s Vision and the Quantum Universe. James Hartle, Einstein, quantum theory, universe, gravity, Newton, general relativity, special relativity, quantum physics, uncertainty principle, superposition, Hawking, wave function, Schrodinger

Anthony Leggett - Thoughts on the future of Physics.

2003 Nobel Prize Winner shares thoughts on the future of physics. Anthony Leggett, quantum mechanics, wave, particle, quantum liquids, superconductivity, De Broglie relation, Cooper\'s pair, Schrodinger cat, many-bodies