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The Mystery of Dark Matter

Perimeter Explorations 01

The Mystery of Dark Matter

What is dark matter? Recently, physicists have discovered that this mysterious, unseen material accounts for about 90% of mass in the universe. This grade 11 and 12 classroom kit provide teachers with print and digital resources to support hands-on, student exploration of concepts related to gravity and orbital motion, gravitational lensing, measuring mass of galaxies, and theories of dark matter.

The Mystery of Dark Matter Teacher’s Kit is packaged in a hard-case and includes a 48-page Teacher’s Guide, a Teacher’s Support CD including a PDF version of the guide and modifiable versions of student activities, and a 30-minute video in DVD format. The video is also available separately in DVD or digital (mp4) video format.


Titre Price ORDER
The Mystery of Dark Matter Teacher's KIT (Print Teacher's Guide, Support CD-ROM, and Video DVD) 29.95 CAD Preview
The Mystery of Dark Matter Digital Teacher's Kit (Teacher's Guide PDF, MSWord Activity Files, mp4 Vdeo) 24.95 CAD
The Mystery of Dark Matter Video DVD (DVD only) 9.95 CAD
The Mystery of Dark Matter Digital Video (mp4 download) 4.95 CAD
Perimeter Explorations Complete Set (3 Kits) 84.95 CAD
PI Teacher's Kits Full Suite (7 Kits) 179.95 CAD
Perimeter Explorations 01 Le mystere de la matiere noire 29.95 CAD
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