Non Fermi liquid from holography

Most materials are either metals or insulators. When they
are metals, their electronic properties are usually described by Landau's Fermi
liquid theory. That is, they behave more or less like a free Fermi gas, with a
few modifications due to electron-electron interactions.

However, there exist a few metallic materials whose
phenomenology does not fit within Fermi liquid theory. These are quasi-2D
metals on the verge of becoming insulators, and they happen to become
superconducting at low temperature, by a mechanism different than BCS
superconductivity. The physics of these materials calls for a new strongly
coupled phase of interacting electrons, yet to be understood.

I will describe recent progress in describing such a
phase using the holographic duality.

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Vendredi, Novembre 30, 2012 - 11:00 to 12:30
Sky Room
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