FERMI 130 GeV Line: Dark Interpretations

Last year strong evidence was
claimed for a 130 GeV gamma ray line from the galactic center in the FERMI
telescope data.  In the first half of the talk I will review the status of
the evidence, including recent suggestions which call it into question.
 In the second half of the talk, under the bold assumption that the line
is a genuine signature of dark matter, I will review some of the properties
required of dark matter to explain the line and the general features of models
proposed to explain it.  This second half will include material from
recent work with Francesco D'Eramo and Jesse Thaler (arxiv:1210.7817), which
suggests that the line is readily explained by dark matter
"semi-annihilation" rather than the standard annihilation

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Mardi, Février 26, 2013 - 13:00 to 14:30
Space Room
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