Dynamical Capture Compact Binary Mergers

In dense stellar regions like globular clusters, black
hole-neutron star and neutron star-neutron star binaries may form dynamically
and merge with significant orbital eccentricities.  These mergers are not
only a potential gravitational wave source for upcoming detectors like Advanced
LIGO, but could also give rise to a number of electromagnetic transients
including short gamma-ray bursts.  In this talk I will present results
from general-relativistic, hydrodynamic simulations of black hole-neutron star
and binary neutron star mergers and discuss the large variability with impact
parameter that these systems exhibit in dynamics and outcome.  I will also
discuss ongoing work to model the gravitational wave signals from these events
and assess the prospects for detection.

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Jeudi, Novembre 22, 2012 - 13:00 to 14:30
Alice Room
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