Classical and quantum circuit obfuscation with braids

A circuit obfuscator is an algorithm that translates
logic circuits into functionally-equivalent similarly-sized logic circuits that
are hard to understand. While ad hoc obfuscators have been implemented, theoretical
progress has mainly been limited to no-go results. In this work, we propose a
new notion of circuit obfuscation, which we call partial indistinguishability.
We then prove that, in contrast to previous definitions of obfuscation, partial
indistinguishability obfuscation can be achieved by a polynomial-time
algorithm. Specifically, our algorithm re-compiles the given circuit using a
gate that satisfies the

relations of the braid group, and then reduces to a braid
normal form. Variants of our obfuscation algorithm can be applied to both classical
and quantum circuits.

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Lundi, Avril 8, 2013 - 16:00 to 17:30
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