3 point functions in the AdS4/CFT3 correspondence

I will present recent developments in the computation of
three point functions in the AdS4/CFT3 correspondence. More specifically I will
consider two different computations for three point functions of operators
belonging to the SU(2)XSU(2) sector of  ABJM. I
will discuss first the generalization of the
determinant representation, found by Foda for the three-point functions of
the SU(2) sector of N = 4 SYM, to the ABJM theory and 

secondly semiclassical
computations in the case where two operators are heavy and one is light
and BPS, comparing the results obtained in the gauge theory
side using a coherent state description of the heavy operators with its string theory
counterpart calculated holographically.

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Mardi, Novembre 20, 2012 - 14:00 to 15:30
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