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Mathematics can be tasty! It’s a way of thinking, and not just about numbers. Through unexpectedly connected examples from music, juggling, and baking, Dr. Eugenia Cheng will demonstrate that math can be made fun and intriguing for all. Her interactive talk will feature hands-on activities, examples that everyone can relate to, and funny stories. She will present surprisingly high-level mathematics, including some advanced abstract algebra usually only seen by math majors and graduate students. There will be a distinct emphasis on edible examples.

Ticket Purchasing URL: http://perimeterinstitute.ca/tickets 

Ticket Sales Date: Monday Mar 20, 2017

Attendance to the lecture is free, but advance tickets are required. Due to demand, a maximum of two (2) tickets may be ordered per account. Tickets are available Monday, March 20 at 9:00 am


Event Type: 
Public Lecture
Event Date: 
Mercredi, Avril 5, 2017 - 19:00
Mike Lazaridis Theatre of Ideas