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Yanwen Shang

Portrait de Yanwen Shang

Area of Research:
Phone: (519) 569-7600 x7512

Research Interests

I have worked on various topics in quantum field theory, mostly on the formal side, which include IR modifications of gravity, lattice chiral gauge theories, and AdS/CFT. Recently I have worked on dark matter phenomenology as well. At the current moment, I am focusing on 1/N corrections in AdS/CFT and its applications. More specifically, I am working on the 1-loop Witten diagrams in the AdS space and its renormalziations, and investigating various analytic properties of the loop diagrams in QFTs on the AdS background. I am also interested in various models of modifications of gravity including Horava-Lifshitz models, Einstein-Cartan theory with minimally coupled fermions and massive gravity in different dimensional space or geometric backgrounds, and I am investigating the possible implications of those models in cosmology.

Positions Held

  • 2006-2009 Department of Physics, University of Toronto, Postdoctoral Researcher

Recent Publications

  • L. Y. Hung, Y. Shang, "On 1-loop diagrams in AdS space," Phys. Rev. D83, 024029 (2011). [arXiv: 1007.2653 [hep-th]].
  • Erich Poppitz, Yanwen Shang, "Chiral Lattice Gauge Theories Via Mirror-Fermion Decoupling: A Mission (im)Possible?", Int.J.Mod.Phys.A25:2761-2813,2010, [arXiv: 1003.5896 [hep-lat]].
  • Brian Betell, Maxim Pospelov, Adam Ritz, Yanwen Shang, "Solar Gamma Rays Powered by Secluded Dark Matter.", Phys.Rev.D81:075004,2010, [arxiv:arXiv: 0910.1567 [hep-ph]].
  • Erich Poppitz, Yanwen Shang, "Lattice chirality, anomaly matching, and more on the (non)decoupling of mirror fermions.", JHEP 0903:103,2009, [arXiv: 0901.3402 [hep-lat]].
  • Erich Poppitz, Yanwen Shang, "Lattice chirality, anomaly matching, and more on the (non)decoupling of mirror fermions.", JHEP 0903:103,2009, [arXiv: 0901.3402 [hep-lat]].
  • Erich Poppitz, Yanwen Shang, "'Light from chaos' in two dimensions.", Int.J.Mod.Phys.A23:4545-4556, [arXiv: 0801.0587 [hep-lat]].
  • Erich Poppitz, Yanwen Shang, "Lattice chirality and the decoupling of mirror fermions.", JHEP 0708:081,2007, [arXiv: 0706.1043 [hep-th]].
  • Gregory Gabadadze, Yanwen Shang, "Resonance in asymmetric warped geometry.", JHEP 0608:033,2006, [arXiv: hep-th/0604218].
  • Gregory Gabadadze, Yanwen Shang, "Quantum cosmology of classically constrained gravity.", Phys.Lett.B635:235-242,2006, [arXiv: hep-th/0511137].
  • J. Ehlers, I. Ozsvath , E.L. Schucking, Y. Shang, "Pressure as a source of gravity.", Phys.Rev.D72:124003,2005, [arXiv: gr-qc/0510041].
  • Yanwen Shang, Jian-Jun Xu, "Wormhole solution in Lovelock gravity theory.", Chin.Phys.Lett.16:85-87,1999.
  • M. Pospelov, Y. Shang, "On Lorentz violation in Horava-Lifshitz type theories," [arXiv: 1010.5249 [hep-th]].
  • Gregory Gabadadze, Alberto Iglesias, Yanwen Shang, "General Massive Spin-2 on de Sitter Background.", [arXiv: 0809.2996 [hep-th]].


  • Various aspects of the 1-loop Witten diagram and the gauge boundary-to-boundary correlators, Syracuse University
  • On Lorentz violation in Horava-Lifshitz type theories, ITP, Beijing.
  • 1-loop diagram in AdS space and the random disorder problem, University of Michigan
  • Lattice chirality: a mission (im)possible?
  • IR modification of gravity and the forbidden mass range of spin-2 particles in De Sitter space