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David Marsh

Portrait de David Marsh

Area of Research:
Phone: x8571

Research Interests

My primary interest is in theoretical cosmology, in particular use of CMB and large scale structure power spectra to constrain additional cosmological parameters. My work tends to focus on ideas coming from string theory concerning the nature of the dark sector. Most of my published work takes a basic fact of many string models that there are many axion-like particles, and that these can have diverse masses and thus diverse effects as dark matter.

Recent Publications

  • Hiroyuki Tashiro, Joseph Silk and David J. E. Marsh Constraints on primordial magnetic fields from CMB distortions in the axiverse Physical Review D, Vol. 88, No. 12, id.125024, 1308.0314
  • David J. E. Marsh and Joseph Silk A Model for Halo Formation with Axion Mixed Dark Matter Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Volume 437, Issue 3, p.2652-2663, 1307.1705
  • David J. E. Marsh, Daniel Grin, Renée Hlozek and Pedro G. Ferreira, Axiverse cosmology and the energy scale of inflation, Physical Review D, 87, 2013, 121701(R), 1303.3008
  • David J. E. Marsh, Ewan Tarrant, Edmund J. Copeland, Pedro G. Ferreira, Cosmology of Axions and Moduli: A Dynamical Systems Approach, Physical Review D, 86, 2012, 023508, 1204.3632
  • David J. E. Marsh, Edward Macaulay, Maxime Trebitsch and Pedro G. Ferreira, Ultra-light Axions: Degeneracies with Massive Neutrinos and Forecasts for Future Cosmological Observations, Physical Review D, 85, 2012, 103514, 1110.0502
  • David J. E. Marsh The Axiverse Extended: Vacuum Destabilisation, Early Dark Energy and Cosmological Collapse, Physical Review D, 83, 2011, 123526, 1102.4851
  • David J. E. Marsh, Pedro G. Ferreira Ultra-Light Scalar Fields and the Growth of Structure in the Universe, Physical Review D, 82, 2010, 103528, 1009.3501
  • Constraining SUSY with Heavy Scalars -- using the CMB, Luca Iliesiu, David J. E. Marsh, Kavilan Moodley, Scott Watson, arXiv: 1312.3636
  • Cosmology and fundamental physics with the Euclid satellite Euclid Theory Working Group (Luca Amendola et al) 1206.1225


  • Axions and Moduli in Cosmology: from the Primordial Epoch to Galaxy Formation, University of Chicago
  • Cosmology of the String Axiverse, MIT
  • Axiverse Cosmology and the Energy Scale of Inflation, Texas A&M
  • String Cosmology, or how to tes the untestable, University of Waterloo
  • Isocurvature and the String Axiverse, Oxford
  • Cosmology of Axions and Moduli, Syracuse University
  • PIRSA:13050054, Axiverse Cosmology and the Energy Scale of Inflation, 2013-05-07, Cosmology & Gravitation
  • PIRSA:12050012, Cosmology of Axions and Moduli, 2012-05-03, Cosmology & Gravitation