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Simon Foreman

Portrait de Simon Foreman
Joint Postdoctoral Researcher PI/NRC
Phd: Stanford University 2016

Areas of Research:

Research Interests

I work on cosmology: the study of the evolution and contents of the universe as a whole. As a data-driven theorist, I use a mix of pencil-and-paper and computer calculations to develop methods for learning more about the universe, based both on current data and the capabilities of upcoming observations. My specific interests include cosmology with line intensity mapping, perturbation theory for large-scale structure, weak gravitational lensing, and cosmological simulations. I am a member of the CHIME experiment, the PUMA proposing team and associated Cosmic Visions 21cm working group, and the CCAT-prime collaboration.

Recent Publications

  • Packed Ultra-wideband Mapping Array (PUMA): Astro2020 RFI Reponse Astro2020 response to panel questions https://arxiv.org/abs/2002.05072
  • Low-redshift 21cm cosmology in Canada Canadian astronomy Long Range Plan white paper https://arxiv.org/abs/1910.02889