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Nestor Ortiz

Portrait de Nestor Ortiz
Phd: UMSNH, México. 2014

Area of Research:
Email: nortiz@perimeterinstitute.ca
Phone: x6502

Research Interests

My research mainly focuses in the field of classical gravitation, within the framework of Einstein's theory of General Relativity. I usually combine analytical and numerical tools in order to attack problems in astrophysics, relativistic hydrodynamics, and numerical relativity. A particular problem that I have extensively explored is the validity of the Cosmic Censorship Conjecture for the gravitational collapse of a spherical dust star, first identifying and characterizing the conditions on the initial data leading to the formation of globally naked singularities, and then studying the stability of the associated Cauchy horizon under several classes of perturbations. I am also interested on the observational features of such naked singularities, which could help test the Cosmic Censorship Conjecture.
Other current projects involve neutron star and magnetar physics, in particular the emission of gamma-ray signals from coalescing binary neutron stars as electromagnetic counterparts of gravitational waves.

Recent Publications

  • Nestor Ortiz, Olivier Sarbach, and Thomas Zannias, "Shadow of a naked singularity", Physical Review D 92, 044035 (2015), arXiv: 1505.07017.
  • Nestor Ortiz and Olivier Sarbach, "Gravitational redshift of photons traversing a collapsing dust cloud and observable consequences", Physical Review D 90, 124058 (2014), arXiv: 1312.7817.
  • "Observational distinction between black holes and naked singularities: the role of the redshift function", Nestor Ortiz, Olivier Sarbach, and Thomas Zannias, arXiv: 1401.4227v2.
  • "On the behaviour of non-radial null geodesics in self-similar Tolman-Bondi collapse", Nestor Ortiz, Olivier Sarbach, and Thomas Zannias, arXiv: 1503.08344.


  • "Light curves from binary neutron star coalescence", American Physical Society APR15 Meeting, Baltimore, US. (2015)
  • "The shadow of a naked singularity", 09/10/2015, Cosmology Group Meeting.
  • "On the stability of naked singularities arising from spherical dust collapse", 01/22/2015, Cosmology Group Meeting.