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Meng Guo

Portrait de Meng Guo
Phd: Harvard University (Department of Mathematics) 2017

Area of Research:

Research Interests

I am interested in algebraic topology and its applications to physics. Some specific topics include Chromatic homotopy theory, Morava K-theory, equivariant homotopy theory and application of cobordisms in condensed matter and topological quantum field theories.

Recent Publications

  • Time Reversal, SU(N) Yang-Mills and Cobordisms: Interacting Topological Superconductors/Insulators and Quantum Spin Liquids in 3+1D; Meng Guo, Pavel Putrov, Juven Wang; Annals of Physics, Vol 394, July 2018, Pages 244-293; arXiv: 1711.11587
  • Fermionic Finite-Group Gauge Theories and Interacting Symmetric/Crystalline Orders via Cobordisms; Meng Guo, Kantaro Ohmori, Pavel Putrov, Zheyan Wan, Juven Wang; arXiv: 1812.11959


  • Twisted tangential Pin+-bordism. Joint Math Meeting 2020, AMS Special Session on Computational and Categorical Methods in Homotopy Theory, Denver CO,
  • Cobordism and topological quantum field theory, Yau Mathematical Sciences Center, Geometry and Physics Seminar