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Elie Wolfe

Portrait de Elie Wolfe
Research Associate

Areas of Research:

Research Interests

I study how quantum resources can be used to generate non-classical correlations, ultimately seeking a quantitative characterization and a qualitative explanation of quantum correlations. In particular I am interested in:

  • Causal structure in the language of Bayesian Directed Acyclic Graphs
  • Quantifying the quantum-over-classical advantage in network-based information-theoretic tasks
  • Contrasting quantum Hilbert space dimension with classical cardinality of latent variables
  • Quantum Contextuality, in particular, algorithms for quantifying Universal Noncontextuality
  • A resource theory of quantum nonclassicality, including Nonlocality and Contextuality

Recent Publications

  • John Matthew Donohue and Elie Wolfe, Identifying nonconvexity in the sets of limited-dimension quantum correlations, Phys. Rev. A, 92, 14 December 2015, arXiv: 1506.01119
  • The Inflation Technique Solves Completely the Classical Inference Problem, Miguel Navascues, Elie Wolfe, arXiv: 1707.06476
  • Multipartite Composition of Contextuality Scenarios, Ana Belén Sainz, Elie Wolfe, arXiv: 1701.05171
  • Deriving Robust Noncontextuality Inequalities from Algebraic Proofs of the Kochen-Specker theorem: the Peres-Mermin square, Anirudh Krishna, Robert W. Spekkens, Elie Wolfe, arXiv: 1704.01153
  • The Inflation Technique for Causal Inference with Latent Variables, Elie Wolfe, Robert W. Spekkens, Tobias Fritz, arXiv: 1609.00672


  • What Quantum Networks (cannot) do: Insights from the Inflation Technique, Oxford, United Kingdom (Quantum Networks Workshop #3)
  • Causal Infeasibility Criteria (Polynomial Inequalities) for the Triangle Scenario (and other Causal Structures), Barcelona, Spain (Quantum Networks Workshop #1)
  • Characterizing Correlations generated by Finite Dimensional Hilbert Spaces: Nonconvexity & Superlocality, Tainan, Taiwan (NCKU)
  • Polynomial Inequalities from the Inflation Technique for the Triangle Scenario and Bilocality, Geneva, Switzerland (GAP)
  • The Inflation Technique for Causal Inference, Castelldefels, Spain (ICFO)
  • PIRSA:16060103, How to Characterize the Quantum Correlations of a Generic Causal Structure, 2016-06-16, Quantum Foundations
  • PIRSA:13110092, Bounding the Elliptope of Quantum Correlations & Proving Separability in Mixed States, 2013-11-26, Quantum Foundations